NUHCC – Hydraulics and Canal Control Nucleus activity began in 2001. It is a research/experimentation platform in the open-channels water delivery systems domain. NUHCC was financed by the European Union (Program INTERREG II C) and by Évora University. It is situated at the Agricultural Engineering Department of the Évora University, in the South of Portugal.

Two experimental canals basically, compose NUHCC. One with the traditional upstream control (AMIL gates and duckbill weirs) and the other is an automatic canal, most important component of the facility.

The automatic canal has three sluices gates and one overshot gate (vertical), four offtakes and a motorized valve at the inlet. All these equipments have electric actuators connected to local controllers. A communication network to a central controller connects all these controllers.

It is installed a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) application for the automatic canal supervision and central control in the central post or by Internet.

At each local controller are installed the local control modes and the distant control modes are installed in the SCADA application software.

NUHCC permits the study of all automatic control modes and its comparison, in order the quality service optimization and to guarantee water use efficiency.

General aspect of the canals and detail of a motorized gate

General aspect of the canals and detail of a motorized gate

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